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Established in 1993, SinhCafe Travel has now become one of the best tour organizations in Vietnam and particularly for tours materialized in Vietnam and Indochina, this is the very smartest choice for tourists.
SinhCafe Travel offers various tour programs with understandable itineraries, clear services included.
You must be interested in ways, which make Sinhcafe Tours different and better in quality than others giving the same trips.

Add: 66 Hang Than St - HANOI - VIETNAM

TEL:(84.4) 39261288 /

3 8364212

FAX : (84.4) 37567862

Hotline : + 84.9.1 3224473

Email :



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Welcome To SinhCafe


We are very proud to be one of Vietnam’s leading travel and tour companies. Sinhcafe Travel   is a private owned enterprise which operates under International Travel  Licence Number 0336 from  Vietnam National Tourism Department. With offices in Hanoi in the north, Danang in the centre and Ho Chi Minh City in the south, we have been working together with , and providing quality service to,  tour operators and  clients throughout the world. Visitors from the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Norway and Finland, to name a few, have been treated to an array of tours ranging from cultural to ecological tours to any tailor-made tour imaginable.
Competitive prices, personable and professional guides are very important to our success . We offer a full service of tourism products from car rental to flight reservations to bus tickets to hotels, restaurants and visas.
It is our pleasure to work with you to create a truly memorable  visit to Vietnam. We are at your disposal for any requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us

With the good reputation and specialization in the following fields:

With the target to the budget travelers, making daily typical tours with others, offer customized tours.
We care about every person and every tour we do, we try our best for you. .
Travel Consultation
Hotels Reservation
Reservation of plane, train ticket
Opentour bus and car rental
Visa services

Tourist Experts
Our tourist experts will be very pleased to discuss and advise you how to make your itinerary, hotels choice, transport type and you will have a perfect excursion for your particular needs that you can visit Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with the minumum budget and visit maximum tourist places

Thanks to our team of young, dynamic and professional staff as well as an effective organization dealed directly with various partners in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos we are capable of proposing one of the best quality to you.
Our tariff, thus, are always the one with the most competitive possibility but without never cutting down on quality.

Vietnam, a country with far differences from your premise in such fields as: culture, traditions, population, language, cuisine, and even economy… It is significant for you to choose an agency in which you can have full confidence. We are perfectly aware the importance of learning to know the guests'expectations by listening to our customers, we can guarantee the quality of our today services.

Managing Director

Mr. Nguyen Giang Nam.

Office in Hanoi

>>>>> Location Map >>>
TEL:(84.4) 38364212/ 37568868 / FAX : (84.4) 37567862

Hotline or SMS : + 84.9.1 3224473

Email : or

Office in Da Nang city ( Centre of Vietnam )
Add : 79 Thanh Long, District Hai Chau, Danang city , Vietnam


Tél: ( 84.511) 6 286 088
Fax: (84.4) 37567862 /(84 . 511) 3531897

Office in Hochiminh city ( Saigon )

Add: 127 Ban Co St., Dist 3, Hochiminh City
Tel: (84.8) 6272 99 25 - 3833 40 83
Fax: (84.8) 3 8 334 083







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Hanoi : 66 Hang Than -Hanoi - Vietnam Tel : (+84.24).3 8364212 -3 7568868 - Fax : (+84.24).37567862  

Hochiminh city : 127 BanCo St -Dist 3 - Hochiminh city - Vietnam Tel : (+84.28).62729925 - 38334083

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