Vietnam tracks marine turtles through satellite

Vietnam has, for the first time, begun to track Green Turtles through satellite, studying their habitat in an effort to protect the endangered species.

Director of the Con Dao National Park, Le Xuan Ai, said recently after one month of testing tracking devices attached to three of the amphibians that they worked well.

They have been providing data about the turtles’ habitats and routes. 

He added the project would also provide managers and conservationists details about the animals’ search for food and reproduction, thus enabling them to protect the turtles by establishing reserves and other measures.

The project is being implemented by the Ministry of Fisheries, Con Dao National Park, and the World Conservation Union (IUCN) in Vietnam with funding by the Danish embassy and satellite provided by the World Wildlife Fund.  

Con Dao National Park is the most important breeding ground for marine turtles in the country.

However, surveys and research projects have shown that their populations in Vietnam have been heavily impacted for many decades by human activities.

Their meat and eggs are harvested for foods, drugs, and handicrafts, and in several areas they get caught accidentally in fishermen’s nets and traps.

All species of marine turtles are listed in the Vietnam Red List Book and protected under Vietnamese legislation.





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